Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Something to think about

Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?
Been here all along, so why can't you see?
You belong with me
~Taylor Swift~

Are all these what I want for the rest of my life? I just don't know.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day One

I am currently in a very tired mode which I can barely open my eyes but, I have to write this down before all the mental pictures I took today become something I can't even recall when I wake up.

Throughout the 20 years of my life, I never have thought that I would be doing this but I did it and, today was just day one of it. Well, actually nothing much, it's just that I am someone that don't need to get a job to survive (for now obviously). So now that I got a job working as a trainee waiter in Secret Recipe, I might as well make use of it as a stepping stone to jump start a new ideology of how I view my own life now. I can even include that job into my resume when I am actually applying to be an engineer in the near future.

To be honest, I kind of underestimated the job of working in the service field. To me, it is something simple because I obviously haven't try it before previously but I never fail to appreciate what these people contribute to the society. This is due to the fact that both my sisters were once air stewardess for Malaysian Airlines. Therefore, I always make sure that whenever I am served, I can at least repay them even with just two words - Thank You.

Then, I finally got to try it today and it was not as simple as I think. Perhaps I am too naive? I am taught with engineering skills in university, which are totally useless here. I can never apply it. I have to reprogram myself with new skills eg.

The 14 steps of serving,
The table settings for each food (the fork or the knife comes first? how about the spoon? what spoon to use?),
Memorising menus,
How to use the 'keying-in-orders' machine?

Too much to name but I don't have time to write much. My rest comes first in this case. I will elaborate later when I have the time to do so.

As a newbie, I made mistakes here and there but not much. I even broke a glass which I kind of have a hunch of that will happen even before I start day one! Regardless, I am hoping that I will get better for the remaining days.

Being the only Chinese working in that branch, somehow I don't feel left out. Maybe because I was hailed and raised in Terengganu for about 17 years of my life. So far, my manager and coworkers are okay. They taught me a lot. I am even considering to work there only during the weekends when the semester starts. We'll see how it goes.

My highlight for today would probably be the many customers I encountered. I shall start off with the best one before proceeding to the worst.

Around dinner time, there was this family. The first thing I noticed was her. This girl had features so unique that people might have mistaken her for a girl of mixed parentage. She is simply irresistable. I guess this might be call "like at first sight"? I wouldn't want to use the word "love" so simply on her. She got a very mysterious aura that made me want to approach her to talk to her. Comparing her to her other family members which consists of one brother, mom and dad, they looked, well, to put it in a polite way, normal. It makes me wonder is that even their daughter or she was adopted? If fate allows, I might be able to meet her again though. I am totally keeping my fingers crossed.

Then there were the worst of people. I felt like I had been jinxed for weirdness. Those customers were plain weird. Their demands were totally unacceptable. For example, ordering curry seafood laksa without seafood which again makes me wonder what is the point of the dish being called that way. Then there were 'datin' wannabes or maybe they really are 'datin'? I can never figure that out. Their attitudes kind of reminds me of 'Datin Mastura' and 'Mulan' in the show 'Merah Puteh' shot in MMU Cyberjaya. With all their diva acts, shoulder shaking 'gedik-ness', malay+english way of talking, big sunglasses, and LV bags, they can never go wrong being 'Malaysian divas'.

In addition, I believe that in every diva, bitchiness lies within them. It is proven true at least in my case. Customer B ordered something with lobster sauce and she demanded for more of the sauce. When I told her that the sauce cannot be added because the sauce was only available that much for each portion of the dish served, I got this as a reply: "Not even if I am paying for it?" in a very bitchy, sarcastic tone. Yo girl, I know ya got tha money to pay for it but you ain't Mariah Carey! (in Fantasia Barrino's voice tone; she can be bitchy, I can be hood). Oh ya, Customer B was with the 'Malaysian divas'.

I got to run now as it is time for me to sleep. I might edit this post if I am free. That's all for my update. TBC.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What's Going On...

Hell weeks aka (Study weeks + Exam weeks) are officially over! It's time for me to pray hard that I don't fail any of the papers. Gosh, next academic year I will be officially Delta student. Yet, I don't look my age, do I? Actually, currently, I am very tired, but I really need to write something at least in order for my blog to survive another year or two before I start to procrastinate again. What's with all this sudden super extremely long sentence? I just don't know :P

So, I shall talk about what I did after the last paper which ended at 11am sharp. I went to One U with Meisiem and Ben. We had TGI for lunch. Initial plan was to go Chili's, but when we were there, it was really full which led to this sudden change of plan. I had this dish called Chop House Chicken. Not bad. This is how it looks like.

Meisiem and Ben ate the other two dishes below which I can't remember the name, respectively.

And the bill?

for three people. Is it a good thing or bad thing? I don't know. All I know is that I am superbly satisfied.

Just look at these then you will know,

(omg, Meisiem did not give me her's and Ben's pic. I can't put it up. It will be up as soon as I claim from her)

After lunch, we walked around One U for quite long. Ben got most of his stuffs while Meisiem just kept whining how sleepy she is. After searching for a long time in the music store that I got to buy Chin's Maybe I'm Bad cd.

We went back to get some rest before proceeding to the next thing in line of the plan which was to watch Terminator: Salvation at 10 pm. Credit goes to my roomate for getting me the ticket - the time I requested,the best seats, but the wrong location. Misunderstanding caused him to buy my tickets at Alamanda Putrajaya instead of One U. Regardless, I must say, the seats are just perfect. Thanks a lot (if you are reading this). There is another problem; the show sucks! I rather watch Angels and Demons or Star Trek for the second time than watching this edition of Terminator. After movies, we went for coffee at Old Town before we called it a night.

DON'T TAKE MY PIC!! I LOOKED HORRIBLE (literally). Taking up engineering course really have bad effect on how you look with all the sleepless nights and hectic schedules.

NOTE: I am really tired at that time (I can't sleep the day before) but, I have to stay alert as the driver.


One academic year already passed so it was the time again to move out of hostel. For the past few days, I had been wondering why one academic year seems so fast. I felt like I just move into my room, HB2CR3015 not long ago. Definitely not one academic year!

I checked out of hostel and set off to continue my plan for that day. I am driving all the way to KL (to be specific, Sungei Wang) for the first time, not really knowing the road, just to be a one extremely crazy fan for a day. I was quite scared at first fearing I might get lost in the jungle of buildings. It turned out everything went smoothly; I am not lost. In fact, it was quite easy.

Did I just I am going to be one extremely crazy fan for a day? Well, I am not!(maybe a bit). For those who knows me well obviously will know the fact that I loves everything to do with Thailand since primary school. Well, if you don't, it's never too late to know this fact. Currently, I am hooked to this chinese drama "Love 18" featuring thai singer, Chin.

Chin is one of the few Thai singers I liked. During my primary years, Nicole Theriault was whom I listened to, then it transitioned to D2B (later renamed Dan & Beam) and Tata Young during secondary school. Now, I listen mostly to Chin, Da Endorphine, Lydia, Ice Saranyu, August Band to name a few.

Back to Chin before I drifted any further into history (my history to be specific), I felt the lyrics in which Chin sang are what I can relate to either the experiences itself or something I wish to say to someone, but it is unknown who is that person. Deep huh? Well, I better give an example:

the lyrics from Chun Ja Pai Gub Tur (I will go with you)
ja pai tee nai tah tur mai lurah krai chan ja pai gub tur
Wherever you're going, if you have no one left, I will go with you.

It makes me wonder when will my that someone appear in my life...

Again, before I drifted to some other topic which I tend to do a lot these days, there was a promotion on the drama "Love 18" in Sungei Wang, so I will be able to see Chin in person and even get his signature. What else? Since exam was over, what better time to become a super fan than now?.

*Super fan mode activated*

I AM HYPER HAPPY TO SEE CHIN IN PERSON!!!! Well, actually not as extreme as other fan girls and fan boys, or even fan uncles and fan aunties that attended the event. People were pushing me which caused me to not be able to take nicer pictures. Can't they just stand properly? There was this uncle aged about 40 kept on pushing me while taking pictures using an old camera which works on film. I was like wtf!! Aren't you too old to stalk teenage boys and girls? Not to mention he stinks big time! Now I started to understand why Malaysian fans are labelled "utterly passionate" by celebrities most of the time. This is because even uncles and aunties stalk them to.

My thoughts towards selected people at the event:
To this fat girl with big handbag: "Stop shoving me with your big handbag, please?" (Here, I see the usage of carrying a big handbag.)
To this smelly uncle: "Why not you go home and look after your grandchildren instead of doing things not your age?"
(Not to be ageism here, but he pushed me, he asked for it!)
To this little kid: "Be careful!"
(She is so short that she might just suffocate among the sea of people, yet she rather die just to see her favourites, impressive.)
To supportive moms and dads: "No comment."
(They went along with their children by bringing them to the event, waited patiently and even booked places for them to stand. I am still wondering whether it is a good or a bad thing to do.)

Regardless, it was a fun experience. My first time going to event like this, minus my brief encounter with TVXQ promoting their concert when I am in Bangkok.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

The stage (took this to test the quality of the camera while waiting)

The guy on stage is Nicholas (My Fm dj) while the head below is the guard in Sungei Wang. He was so annoyed by the behavior of the fans that he kept on scolding people.

I think most of the people attending this event was here for him. He is Jack Tan Chek Yao from Malaysia. I think he should be 18-year-old this year. Well, I got to shake his hand though.

Chek Yao, Xin Yi and Chin

The three of them including Nicholas.

She is Zhong Xin Yi from Taiwan. I barely recognised her because she looked totally different from her image in the drama "Love 18". She is such a sweet and nice person.

During autographed session, I took the opportunity to give Chin signed the Maybe I'm Bad cd I bought earlier in One U. Chin took it by surprise based on his expression and his exclamation of "Ohh!" because I am the only person who did that so I guessed it was a good thing :)

Someone was even more extreme though asking Chin to sign his Sony Cybershot T-90 camera. Chin is currently representing the Skinny-T range for Sony as their spokesperson and model.

Adding these two cds by Chin to my collection, I currently owned three autographed Thai cds. I won my first Thai cd from the show Sawasdee Station on TVB8.

Well, when the three of them were trying to leave Sungei Wang, things got pretty crazy, fans were chasing them even to the toilet which the guard ended up scolding.

P/s: I wished I were studying in Malacca campus instead. Then I will be able to go to the event in Mahkota Parade. Things would probably be better with people less aggressive? I really hope that was the case and I have faith in Malacca citizens as compared to you know where...

Happy Holidays, people!

Current temperature:
Changing things up a bit, I am going to use two songs to describe my feeling today (perhaps not lyrically but I guessed the title explain it all)

Lady GaGa - Starstruck (feat. Space Cowboy and Flo Rida)

3OH3! - Starstrukk

Friday, May 8, 2009

Is Life Fair or Unfair?

In this near final examination period, I just like to think a lot.

The thought as stated in the title of this post just came across my mind out of sudden. Scenarios after scenarios flashed through my thoughts; some are reality while others are fantasy. Imagine, in this world, we have people that leeched on other people, or I coined them as 'Parasites'. These groups of people might or might not exist around us. All they do is just to go around leeching on other people whether on the matter of popularity, intelligence, etc. Reaching to this point, one might questioned, "what's with these people linked to life being fair or unfair?" Imagine again, when a parasite leeched on people's intelligence (copying in tests, quizzes, assignments etc.) and did better than you purely due to greatness in sucking from the host. Is it a fair thing?

Moving on, coming back to reality, the fair and unfairness refers back to me. I am not a rich person, but I kind of get what I wanted rather easily. That's quite true. I am not bragging, but I just find this an appropriate example. In fact, I am contented with what I have. It's just that it caused me to think, "what have I done to deserve this more than other unfortunate people?" Comparing myself with others, we are all the same. Why I get more while some can't even afford to buy themselves proper meal? Is life fair? What saddened me is that there are people whom their lives are way much better than me, yet they want more than they already have.

Somehow, looking at the two scenarios, the former would be unfair if it happen to me while the latter appears to be fair to me. I guessed the question on the fair and unfairness of life depends on which angle we viewed it from. If I am one of the mentioned 'parasites' and no one knows I copy in tests to get such greatness, it might be fair to me? I would like to then question you people, "Are you a parasite?" Sometimes I wondered myself whether I am one or not. LOL!

Questions after questions just keep on generating while I typed this. Help me! :P

Current temperature: Extremely warm; I hate the heat as it came at the wrong timing and it made me think more than usual.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Live My Life

It has been a long time since my last update. For the past few weeks, life had gotten crazy. My regular visits to the airport can make me a cab driver now. In fact, I had been going back and forth between Cyberjaya and my home to get things done especially my laundry. Too much to say, yet I don't know where to start.

There was this particular week in which I got 4 main tasks (test, assignment, quiz, presentation) to be completed. One by one I managed to finish it all with one task (the presentation) being rescheduled to the following week (which is not good!). The reason was because of the killer Microelectronics assignment which I had to endure for one whole night, and not completing it even when the sun rises. Confusing much? Well, in simple word, my presentation was on Monday of Week 12, which coincide with the assignment due date. So, I started on my assignment on Sunday night until the next morning, yet I still have a lot to be completed.

The feeling was hell for me - hating myself for not starting the assignment early, wishing that I can turn back time, hoping for light at the end of the tunnel, thinking to jump off a building. I reached the point of breaking down and going crazy singing "If You Seek Amy". The song just came out of sudden for me to keep going. Total madness I know!

Indeed, there was light at the end of the tunnel for me. The time for passing up the assignment was until almost 6 pm, and the lecturer was helpful enough to help even when I consulted him last minute. On the other hand, presentation went smoothly eventhough I lacked of sleep :)

Throughout the whole crazy weeks, I can't complaint much. At the very least I got to know who are true to me when I needed them. Plus, I found solace in FOOD!!! I had been to Secret Recipe, Manhattan Fish Market, and Pizza Hut. Broke but contented I am :P

After all the craziness, it is the time again to pamper myself with a series of enjoyment. Last Wednesday, we went to Alamanda. At first, it was just for dinner, but it turned out to be more (at least for me). We were in the usual mood of having a hard time to choose a spot for dinner, but after long consideration, we had our dinner at Kenny Roger's. While eating, we got to know that the whole MMU Cyberjaya campus gone blackout, which allowed us the opportunity to catch a movie in order not to be in the dark.

Reaching GSC, it hit me that I totally forgotten that X-Men Origins out on that day itself. I hadn't book any tickets. I knew it was too late, but I wanted it badly. That's me; I want things to go my way at times. At the counter, the seats available sucks big time! No choice, but to wait until 10 pm for the uncollected reserved tickets to be open for sales. Walking around Alamanda helped to kill time.

Then, I entered this shop which I saw a pair of shoes that caught my attention earlier to try it. I ended up buying the shoe. There goes my money again.

We went back to the cinema after that. Most of the people were also like us, all waiting for X-Men tickets. I got more desperate for my tickets! We ended up with four tickets as coincidentally those were the only available four seats on the same row. YAY!!!

As a fan of X-Men, I really enjoyed it a lot since I had been anticipating this movie two or three years back. Plus, I got to see Gambit in action :) After the movie, we went back campus which was still pitch dark. I guessed I can't avoid it afterall. So, I had to bath in the dark only for a while and then the electricity was back. It looks like MMU just celebrated a belated Earth Hour.


Back to present time, I am home for the weekend and I wish to utilise the time now to recharge before preparing for the upcoming challenge which is the finals in two weeks time. I just got back from Oriental Pavilion in Jaya 33 for my aunt's birthday celebration. Again, I indulged in more sumptuous food (shark fins and baked fish were among them).

Up next, finals!

Lesson learnt 1: Never to do assignments at the very last minute
Lesson learnt 2: Plan ahead of time e.g. book movie tickets to avoid desperate situation

Math test 2 results were out and I never felt better, not what I expected anyway :)



Current temperature: As you all know the weather over these few weeks is extremely hawt!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Crimson Room

While browsing around, I found an interesting flash game that I once cracked during my secondary school days. The game really took me by surprise because of how it progresses. I must say, the creator of it is brilliant.

Basically, the game started with you being drunk. You woke up, and realised that you are put in a room in which you are required to escape from. Do try it out! I did play it again with yet another successful escape just before I decided to post it here.

Here is the link to the game:

Happy Escaping!

Note: Spoilers to win the game are everywhere around the net. Use it only when you are really desperate.

Current temperature: Extremely cold due to the air-conditioned in my room.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Let's Get Crazy!

As promised, I am updating on what I finally did. Nothing much really, but some might think I am crazy. It's just that I got my left ear pierced. Besides getting my piercing, I did manage to catch 'Fast and Furious 4' in the cinema which I think is not entirely that bad. In fact, I really enjoyed it except for the fact that the cinema was so full that we had to sit quite near to the screen.

One week had passed since my break, and I knew for sure that the remaining 8 weeks of my third semester will be a pretty hectic one. Assignments, quiz, tests, and of course final examinations are among the few that top my list of to-do. Having said this, I am going to embark on a crazy journey all over again. It's like I put a song on repeat on iTunes which kept repeating itself; just that this happens specifically every third semester instead of every time.

Last week, I was somewhat emotional as two tests result were out. I felt that I can actually do better than what I got. It seems like what I got just weren't on par with the effort that I put in. Anyhow, I can't change the past, so I guess I will live with it. Maybe I should look at it as a wakeup call for me to strive for finals.


Changing the topic a little, my roommate just asked me to give him few songs related to the word 'crazy'. My first thought was one of my favourite by Gnarls Barkley titled Crazy.

Then, after looking at my music collection, I found another one which I somehow felt connected to. It is a new song by Taylor Swift for the soundtrack of Hannah Montana movie - Crazier. I would highly recommend it to anyone because of the beautiful lyrics.

You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier crazier
Feels like I'm falling and I am lost in your eyes
You make me crazier crazier crazier

This is the part of the lyrics that caught my attention. I felt that my life is getting crazier because of all the obstacles I am about to face; or perhaps because of someone? :P

Current temperature: Cold because of the rain.